Who Are We?

Innovation Factory is a single source for your creative technology requirements. We convert your ideas from paper into a real fascinating product. We make sure to provide you state-of-art results. We don’t just promise to work on things, but we believe in delivering the right outcome. Because we are not just another typical company.


What do We do?

Innovation Factory takes care of your idea from the second of it’s born, we give you the healthy start toy your project starting from research ending to a real prototype in your hands. We equip your idea with the exactly needed tools from software and hardware development so it’s ready to win the battle in the market.


What do We need From You?

Just tell us about your idea, make us live the dream with you and leave the rest for us. Share your idea and vision, we’ll figure out together what is the final image in your mind and we’ll work hard to make it real in the best outcome. Who is it you are targeting? What is exactly you want? What outcome you’re expecting? How do you like to see it? All this questions and more we’ll find the answers for it together. And that’s all we want from you! THIS SIMPLE!


How Will We Start?

First of all, we’ll analyse your needs and do the brainstorming together in order to have a clear image of what you want. Then we’ll design the UI/UX/Wireframes for you. After that, we’ll give you an estimation for your project.

We’ll sign the agreement and start development phase; we’ll test in all the possible ways until we make sure everything works better than we want! Then your product is on its way to you! After all that we’ll grant you the needed support and maintenance, and there you have it!

Analysis & Brainstorming


Support & Maintenance


Project Estimation

Ship your Product

Sign an Agreement