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Accelerometer – How it Works & Where to Get Accelerometers and Sensors?

Acceleration is an interesting and a bit complicated concept. It is not as simple as speed as it involves figuring out how speed changes over a period of time. If your car is moving at 60 mph, you know the speed but to find out its acceleration you need to know the time taken to reach that speed. Similar to speedometer being used to measure speed, there is a specifically designed device used to measure acceleration. It is called an accelerometer.

What is an accelerometer?
An accelerometer is an electromechanical device that measures acceleration forces. These acceleration forces could be static, like the constant force of gravity, or they could be dynamic, such as in the case of mobile devices to sense movement or vibrations.

How does Accelerometer’s Sensor Work?
If you’re wondering how does accelerometers sensor work, you’ll need a detailed information to understand it. Although it looks like a simple circuit, it consists of many different parts that all contribute to its working. Two of the most common methods used in accelerometer are the piezoelectric effect and the capacitance sensor.

The piezoelectric effect: This is the most common form of accelerometer. It contains microscopic crystal structures that get stressed due to accelerative forces. This results in the creation of a voltage that is interpreted by the accelerometer to determine velocity and orientation.

The capacitance sensor: This method employs the use of changes in capacitance. A capacitance accelerometer senses the changes in capacitance between two microstructures placed next to the device. If an accelerative force moves one of the structures, then the capacitance will change and it will be translated into voltage by the accelerometer for interpretation.

Where to get accelerometers and sensor?
As accelerometer is made of several components, it can be purchased as a separate device. Analog and digital displays are also available. When the question “Where to get accelerometers and sensors?” arises, you can do a simple online search to find many online stores that offer good quality accelerometers and sensors.

When you’re looking to buy accelerometers, you need to consider a few factors. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is choose wisely between analog outputs and digital outputs. This would depend upon the hardware that you are interfacing the accelerometer with. Number of axes, maximum swing, sensitivity and bandwidth are other factors to be considered closely. Upon consideration, you can buy accelerometers online in Australia with many stores offering quality components.

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