Arabic Money Reader App

Arabic Money Reader App: It’s an app on smartphones able to detect and read any GCC and international currency using the camera of the smartphone, The app will read the currency in real time and entirely offline, means without the need to have internet connection, once currency detected will tell the user about the value of money in Arabic and in English.

Works offline – no need to connect to the Internet

Sensor to guide to The correct position Of scanning

History of all scanning sessions

Compatible with both IOS and Android

Up to 100% Accuracy

Ability to Connect with cloud server

Scan up to 30 notes at the same time

Scan multiple different currency & do the exchange rate

Smart Algorithm analysis in less than 1 second

GPS To detect currency of that location

Haptic feedback for the currency value

Counting how many notes

Low Consumption Power

Auto flash enabling when Dark environment

Fake notes detector

Auto Detect notes

Demo using Arabic Reader App

Arabic money reader App for reading and scanning Qatari Currency available now for both IOS and Android version and this version will keep updated based on users feedback.

تطبيق قارئ العملة القطرية حاصل على كامل الدعم من شركة مدى مركز التكنولوجيا المساعدة 

Money Reader App for Qatari currency completely funded and supported by Mada Assistive Technology

Omani Reader App is ready now!