As Bitcoin Rising, The Number of Bitcoin Startups Goes Up

Finding out a month without a new Bitcoin startup is difficult these days thanks to extraordinary growth of the cryptocurrency. In fact, new ventures are coming up in almost all parts of the world that are trying to explore the potential in the blockchain technology. Venture capitalists are trying to make the most from the new financial technology.

Notwithstanding what a number of Bitcoin startups have come up in the US, Europe, China, Japan, India, etc. Though there are a number of them, some like Zebpay, a Bitcoin wallet provider that came to news recently as it is raising a new funding round of between $ 4 million and $ 5 million, following a $ 1 million seed investment can be mentioned here.

Experts believe that ever since Bitcoin came to existence a couple of years ago, those who were skeptical about the financial technology realized that they were wrong. The fact that a number of Bitcoin startups have come up to establish their footprints shows that they see huge potential that can be cashed in on.

Huge Potential Available For Bitcoin Startups

Currently Bitcoin is trading above $ 1200 which is happening second times in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency. The last time it happened was October 2013 when it reached to these levels; however, later on it fell to below $ 200 and a lot of people who were saying that the cryptocurrency was not going to again touch the higher levels are now surprised.

Interestingly, most of these companies are providing the necessary exchange and trading services to users. It has been also seen that Bitcoin startups have become a dream for individuals and institutional investors as well and that may be a reason they are coming up. Truth is in the fact that as the exchange rate goes up; new venture capitalists will come up.

Some Successful Bitcoin Startups

As it has been mentioned above there are a number of Bitcoin startups in USA, Europe and China; however, the recent trend is that they are coming up in large numbers in India. Bitcoin startup such as BTCXIndia and Delhi-based Coinsecure can be named among them. The two companies are doing fairly well and expected to make big in the industry.

Similarly, number o Bitcoin startups are coming up in India and other regions as the cryptocurrency reaching to new heights. The market seems to be confident about the future of the cryptocurrency as a lot of experts claim Bitcoin may touch $ 2000 levels.