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Industrial revolution has brought about the best and the most positive change in the world by giving products that have made our lives easier and convenient. In every aspect, technology has improved lives by making gadgets that are essential for human survival. Electronics is one such field which has grown tremendously over the period of time. And when technology and electronics come together, innovative products are thought of and developed, and one such product is the accelerometer.

As per the basic definition, it is an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body. However if we dig deep, the uses can be seen in our everyday life. When you use a compass app on your smartphone, it somehow knows which direction the phone is pointing. Smartphones and other mobile technology identify their orientation through the use of an accelerator, a small device made up of axis-based motion sensing. The motion sensors in accelerometers can even be used to detect earthquakes, and may by used in medical devices, such as bionic limbs and other artificial body parts. The more sensitive the accelerometer, the more easily it can measure acceleration. An accelerometer is an electromechanical device used to measure acceleration forces. Such forces may be static, like the continuous force of gravity or as is the case with many mobile devices, dynamic to sense movement or vibrations.

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