Costs of Developing an App

Mobile apps have become a norm, who hasn’t heard of Angry Birds? Almost every business today has an app to provide convenience to their customers. The meteoric rise of the app development industry is unprecedented. It has fast become a multi billion dollar industry and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Assumption of Costs

For people who haven’t stepped into the pp game yet, the most popular question always is “how much will an app cost me?” Most people assume that having an app developed for their business or getting their great app idea to the people is out of their reach. The assumption about the ludicrous costs of app development is made by looking at big name apps. These apps can cost somewhere around $ 100,000 to $ 150,000. But you shouldn’t be discouraged by these prices, unless you are a global big wig, your app will probably not cost anything even remotely close to that number.

The Developer’s Effect

The experience and skills of the developer you hire can affect the overall cost of the app. The best mobile app developers or an established developer of the industry will charge you a steeper price for his services. But, you shouldn’t look for a cheap developer that would only cost you more. An app that is full of errors and glitches will be more detrimental to your business then no app at all.

The Scale of the App

A simple app with just a few relevant features can be developed in $ 3000 to $ 8000. Most business don’t need an app that is huge and has a gazillion features. For global organizations and recognizable brands, a simple app is not an option. Their customers have certain expectations from them. They usually work with 3 or 4 developers along with several visual graphic artists, for the development of their app. An app of that scale and magnitude will obviously cost more than a few thousand dollars.

No two apps are the same, so the development cost of any particular app cannot be surmised correctly. The only way to find out the correct cost of your mobile app is to go on AppMuse and get a quote from a developer. Top app developers will look at your requirements and provide you with an estimate for the actual cost of developing your app.

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