Enhancing Security for IoT Devices: Factors to consider

The rapid progress in the knowledge of information and communication technology has led to the invention of many innovative networking tools that has speared the progress in automation and creation of smart homes. The concept of smart homes has made a buzz in the market. People looking for home automation and an ultimate experience go for installing IoT architecture that takes living and convenience to a new level.

A smart home is one that has all the appliances connected to each other through a robust network and these devices can be controlled from a remote location by a smart phone. Selecting the right IoT device with a suitable UART WiFi Module or cloud module is essential to get the best experience and enhanced home security solution.

Whether you install IoT device for entertainment, home automation or enhancing communication, you should take into consideration various factors to enhance the security of IoT in your home.

Here is a checklist of the factors to consider-

1. Change the existing configuration of the router in case your home router is new as it may be possible that the router could be a device returned by a previous owner.

2. Experts suggest changing the administrative password of the home router annually and using a combination of unique characters to make it complex.

3. Avail IoT service from a renowned and reliable supplier that helps you select UART WiFi Module and provides you dedicated technical support.

4. Ensure that the features that allow remote administration of the home router from the Internet are turned off.

5. UPnP and WPS are associated with security flaws and hence you should turn them off.

6. Select unique SSID or the name of the wireless home network that distinguishes it from other neighbourhood networks.

7. Check that SSID broadcast is turned off that makes the wireless network appear invisible. This prevents any case of intrusion.

8. You should consider including WPA2 with your wireless network as the security protocol and a unique shared key of no less than 10 characters.

9. Prevent potential intrusions between wireless networks by unique configuration. Ensure that IoT device controllers and mobile device apps are configured for isolation.

10. Keep the essential settings, like SSID and pre-shared key information written in a document and stored to safe media. You can keep them stored in a file on a USB drive that will help you reconfigure your IoT devices in case of crash.

Selecting an experienced supplier who will help you achieve your IoT blueprint and provide you dedicated technical support service will facilitate you get the best value for money. The supplier should help you make a well-informed decision and provide you superb quality products and services at a pocket friendly cost.

This article enumerates some important steps to enhance the security of IoT in your home. UART WiFi Module is essential to get the best home security solution.