Find Best Wireless Accelerometer for Industrial Machinery Vibration Monitoring & Analysis

If you are looking for the most versatile and economic vibration sensor for measuring vibration, you should find the best wireless accelerometer online. When used in rotating machinery, an accelerometer or vibration sensor can conveniently measure radial forces on bearings and shafts. What it delivers as the output can be used to evaluate the frequency and intensity of vibrations, which relate directly to the condition of a particular machine in an industrial setting.

Why is a vibration sensor so important? Well, this device can be used either to monitor vibration or to avoid issues by maintaining machines depending on the sensor data. How does an accelerometer typically work?

A vibration sensor typically works on the movement of a machine or the lack of it. If there is vibration, the machine and its components wouldn’t move smoothly. As there is disruption in movement, noise and vibration are quite likely. This happens due to some or other kind of stress within the machine or the internal components may have reached a phase where they need to be replaced.

Why it is important to use accelerometers to monitor vibration? Talking in general terms, vibration in industrial machinery is a direct indicator of its health. Analyzing machine vibration can help you determine the specific condition of a machine and where exactly does the problem lie. Depending on what you are able to find out through this analysis, you can go for early repairs to minimize costs.

These sensors are very critical to vibration analysis and monitoring of industrial machinery. These sensors detect three different motion parameters, including acceleration, displacement and velocity. Making sure you select the right accelerometer for your specific application depends on the signal levels and frequencies involved.

If we talk about preferred motion sensors for most application that need vibration monitoring and analysis, we will find the best wireless accelerometers to be the most suitable. The best thing about them is that they can measure low as well as high frequency, without compromising on the accuracy in the least bit. And to add to the advantages of using them in your industrial application is their versatility – you can find them for general use as well as in designs that are specific to your application.

But still, there are a few factors you must pay heed to before choosing to buy an accelerometer. Amongst them is accuracy, measuring range, surrounding conditions, frequency range, and transverse sensitivity.

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