Mobile apps and mobile website: how both are necessary for startups

Developing mobile app and mobile website is latest trending topic among the startups. Today for capturing a huge amount of targeted users, it is necessary to build mobile app or mobile website. The main reason behind the necessity of mobile app is the users who are accessing your business through desktop also able to access your business through mobile device from everywhere or every time. According to me mobile applications are the best medium to reach your customer in an easy way as like advertisement or a website.

In this article we are going to discuss about both, however startups needed both customers who browse your business while they are on travel or through their desktop. Moreover mobile applications are the best medium for customer engagement and keep them come back again also mobile websites playing the same role. Check out why both are necessary.

To showcase your brand in front of millions of eye
Having a website means you are going to offer more detailed information to your customers and easy to accessible. Apart from this having a mobile apps means you are killing both with a single arrow. Your business gets customer attention from both desktop site and mobile friendly website.

Although you are developing a mobile friendly website means you have also opportunity to engage your customers through mobile apps. For this you need to ensure to create apps more attractive and simple which are able to attract millions of visitors.
Mobile website or mobile application

This is the most trending topic what to choose among mobile applications or mobile friendly website, especially when you have non tech business. The answer may depend on your targeted audience.
How you reach them in a simple way
How you simplifying their current performing task.

The answer depends on whether your product defines a mobile first strategy or web first strategy. Unless, you are developing for productivity or utility tool that can be developed for on the move nature like to-do list application or where you don’t need an internet connection to access an application.

Testing with an initiative across mobile platforms
When you are not sure about the platform which you need to choose you can operating your startup with mobile friendly website. This is because mobile friendly website can support for every platform iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry etc. This also enables your customers to interact with your product in the same way. Through mobile websites business can easily invest which platform they needed to target.

Even so you need to create your product first with analytic integrated to know the traffic which comes from different devices. Once you know which device your customers use the most then you can easily develop mobile app for your customers.

Qualities that your mobile app should have

Appropriate platform
Your application must be optimized for mobile users by taking benefits of integrated qualities of tablet and devices. You can be sure that app should be comfortable and functional for all devices and brands.

App design
If you want to build a mobile app successfully then you have to create mobile apps, you have to create user friendly designs. Thus you have to hire right partner for designing your mobile app which are simple to operate and user centric.

Social media integration
Social media means you are going to increase your user base so there is no denying that integration of social media is a game charger. For example a business having an app which is integrated with social media then users can easily share their idea and updated with the app offers, discounts and many more.

Having both mobile apps and mobile website are important for startups mobile website brings the audience for startups and mobile apps bring future to the startups. Whether mobile app or website both are necessary for startups and thus hiring mobile app or mobile web development company is must for every business.

Author is a technical writer of iPhone app development company where she focuses on all tech savvy news and what’s new in technology world. Along with mobilepundits Astoria has written number of articles.