Patent Registration and Drafting to Be Cautious About Copyright and Design

Many companies and businesses make and market their products under a patent. A patent confers a right or title. It especially gives sole right to make or create, use and also to sell. The law definition of patent is that it provides the right to exclude others. Patent is easily recognizable. It can also be stated to be an official document. There are products which are protected by patent giving exclusivity. This exclusivity is given by the Government or the authority or institute offering patent services. Getting one’s creation or invention patented is advisable as it gives ownership of rights to the creator. It has been highlighted under the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights that patents and patent registration should be offered in member states for any invention.

Things which can be patented are designs. When I say designs it means the form, pattern and structure of an item for example of jewelry, relaxing chair, table, mug, and bottle etc. Anything and everything can be patented. People and businesses patent software, medicine or drugs, logo, recipes, architectural building designs, formula and processes, the look, style and presentation of cars. When filling out a patent application form, applicants have to detail the distinctiveness, originality or novelty and usefulness of their creation. The application forms can also be downloaded from the internet.

There should be no public knowledge about the invention as this is what makes the innovation unique and exclusive. The inventor must keep in mind that his or her invention should work and serve the purpose it is made for. No one should know about the functionality and purpose of the new device or product. They should be left in awe with it and would like to know its function and usefulness. The product will be analyzed and looked in depth by the patent experts and professionals. Some of the patent application forms which can be accessed online are Declaration as to Inventorship; Application for Grant of Patent; Request for Examination of Application for Patent; and Request for Publication.

A number of companies and consultants offer patent services India. Patent Services India engages in research and analytical services. It advices and assists clients in filing patent applications, patent drafting and provides counseling. Interested persons can find patent offices throughout India with the likes of Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. Individuals interested in getting their patents registered in India should go through the Patents Act 1970, Patents (Amendment) Act 1999 and Patents (Amendment) Act 2002. They can also visit the Intellectual Property and Know How Informatics (Patent) Division by the Department of Information Technology in Lodhi Road New Delhi.

Countries all over the world encourage their citizens to patent their inventions and creations. This gives them the opportunity to start something new and create a trend. Apart from ownership and rights, patents can also be said to be a kind of marketing strategy. It attracts consumers, businesses and nations alike. It is also very much profitable.

Firm up your intellectual right through patent registration that can be getting after filing patent application and you can look for patent drafting and other ipr services.