Innovation Factory has been delivering full cycle software and hardware development services to customers in over 10 countries around the world.

And here are some of the projects that Innovation Factory completed or been part of

Arabic Money Reader App

Smart App on iPhone that able to read and scan Qatari currency in real time and works totally offline to keep blind people safe and secure in public places such as restaurants, taxis etc.


Smartphone App able to detect emergency sounds such as fire, smoke, heat alarms, doorbells, microwave beeping and more to alert deaf and people with hearing loss.


Smarttooth brush able to track all brush activities in real time and calculate the quality and performance, this a great tool for family to keep checking their kids brushing,

Fall Guard

A Device that attached to the wall via electricity plug, Able to sense and detect when elderly fallen on the ground without the need to wear any sensors/devices with very high accuracy with no false alarm.

Sound Alert

Smartphone App able to detect emergency sounds such as fire, smoke, heat alarms, doorbells, microwave beeping and more to alert deaf and people with hearing loss.

Rail Tone

Rail Tone is a device that is attached to the railway that is able to detect danger and risks that happen to railway in real time, we use the most advance technology that able to give high accuracy measurement and alerts with no false alarms..

Genuis Booking

Smart App that able to manage any type of booking system with one click through IOS or Android platform with using a very powerful algorithm to manage all booking automatically!


Smart App that able to detect and analysis snoring for sleepers and notify them in gentle vibration through a smartwatch to shift the wrong position of sleeping without waking up the sleepers!

Anti Graffiti

Smart Device that able to detect and recognise Grafitti spray by using a hardware attached to the wall, once the sound detected will alert authorities to take action!

Toothbrush Assistance

App that able to hear and detect the sound of the electrical toothbrush to track the timing for the brushing, the app uses the sound detection algorithm.

Corporate OS

Smart Software on Cloud and Android app that able to manage any startup company with the easy and complex structure to ensure each member in the company complete his/her tasks on time!


Smart algorithm on hardware device able to use sound waves to detect any movement inside houses/flats, using the cutting-edge technology to increase safety and security.

Sleepy Head

Smart App that able to detect the snoring and change the bed position, the app works via Bluetooth to control the bed motors to give the correct position of the head of the bed to stop the snoring.

DR. Yasser Stas App

Booking Apps on IOS and Android to manage booking for dentist clinic with one click, the smart app able to remind the user of his appointment and notify the doctor when a user on the way!


App that able to record events, lectures and take notes, images and saves all these data on a cloud server for easy access, this app available on both IOS and Android.

Baby Seat Rocker

Smar App connect to baby seat rocker able to swing the seat when baby crying sound detected and when baby stops crying the seat stops swing, the app connected with the seat via Bluetooth.

Blue Alert

Smart App that able to detect any type of police, Ambulance siren in real time and alert cyclist and pause their music on the phone to be alerted.

Smart Locker

Under progress project… info coming soon.

Smart Kinametics

Smart insole that able to do an early diagnosis for the leg starting from the hip till the feet in real time, and these data will be streamed into the doctor to find the proper treatment needed!

One scream

A smart algorithm using the microphone of the smartphones to detect women screaming in real time if being attacked and send alerts to police and family.


UROK it’s a Digital Learning Assessment tool on a smartphone that has the ability to act as an instructor of the school for young students uses the most advanced speech recognition algorithm.

Kalami App

An App that able to build a bridge between Autism people and their environments by the pre-installed library to make their life easier.