Questions To Ask Before Investing In Solar Panels

Today, world is planning for a green and clean society with perfect usage of natural resources isn’t it. When your answer is yes, installing Solar Panels is your way.

Are Solar Panels allowed in your locality?
First thing to be done is inquire whether Solar Panels are allowed in your locality. Some local societies and colony bodies have decided to reject solar panel installation in their areas, due to the fact that solar panels are not so attractive installations in real. Whereas some others planning to ban solar panels on the roof considering weight!

Cost and Installment:
After attaining permissions from local leaders, next comes is cost investigation and perfect installers. It is important to inquire about installations and cost with various companies. Solar Panels provide electricity by converting Sunlight into electric energy with the help of panels, which saves your money by cutting down your high electric bills to 70% from before. But people are still bothered to fix solar panels because of its cost, regarding this the federal government along with some states planned tax incentives and rebates for installing solar panels in 2013, giving an excellent opportunity to people. Better to opt for troupes with free services for future.

Experience in installing Solar Panel:
Make sure to find a reputed company with significant experience in fixing Solar Panels for years. It would be wise if you inquire with references before utilizing their services.

What is the output in kWh per year?
When you completely believe in strangers, it is obvious that they try to cheat us. So, you should note down the actually given kWh with varying energy powers and review power usage for a Solar Panel replacement in future if needed.
If you have bought a high electricity generating Solar Panel, you can transfer the remaining electric power generated to either your neighbors or companies near you for compensation.

Solar Panel Warranty period:
Before you sign solar power system agreement, beware of the warranty period. Many companies provide 25 years warranty period with conditions. It is obvious that many systems with long guarantee periods will provide 90% outputs after 10 years and 80% after 25 years, and now you can opt for replacement if needed.

Price Priorities:
Every company has its own style for coding prices. While some companies charge separate rates for parts, labor and tax others code total costs on whole, while few opt for separate service charges too. Finally, it’s you to take the right decision in the correct time, so get a comprehensive price comparing the total cost and kWh per year among providers. Also pay attention towards your returns and replacement of your current bill incomes, such that you do not repel yourself for installing solar energy panel in future.

Experts believe in installing Solar Panel to be profitable and quick returns on your investment. Only thing to be conscious is service, warranties, lease issues and the correct kWh installment for best price.

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