Things You Ought To Know Before Starting Windows 8 App Development

Windows 8 OS is completely revamped version of Microsoft’s operating system. If you are interested in Windows 8 App development, you really need to invest the time and resources to familiarize yourself with the latest technology.

The main focus for developers interested in the Window 8 OS is the touch and mobile aspect. While there are many ways to develop these Windows 8 apps, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS3 are the best options to start if you have worked on a Windows platform before. Windows 8 app development gives incredible flexibility that allows you to think of many new concepts while developing an app. Here are some useful resources that a developer might find it helpful:

Flexibility for Developing an App

For making an app without any specific device (laptop, tablet, smart phone), you should make sure the app is highly flexible. The app should be able to operate on various screen sizes and include high pixel density. Adapting an app on any screen size is a challenge faced by many of the Windows Phone app development teams and that’s why the various coding languages come into the picture. ##Using Search Contract:

Developers can take advantage of the common functionality featured in the Windows 8 OS. You can take advantage of the functionality with the help of Contracts. Upon using the search contract feature, users have the option to search the app by swiping his/her finger towards the right hand side of the display and bring up the search charm. This allows the user to search the app while it is open. But its features don’t end there. Because of the method relied on for the contracts to hold everything together, it also allows people to search within the app or even on the web.

Sharing Contract:

When attempting to include the Sharing feature in an app, you have to choose the other services required. This might decide if you wish to share via Facebook or similar service and then merge the code. If the Windows 8 app development relates to Share Source, the app will be able to share certain types of content with any app in the system supporting the acceptance of the content types. Apps with specific content are known as Share Targets. This way you can share a certain file with another app that accepts the same format. You can also define your self-content types also.

Default Controls:

A lot of research is completed on Windows Phone app development and the Windows OS. Microsoft has researched how best run to add touch, mouse or pen with their respected devices. Learning these extra features, has led the developers to combine the controls and create a default package (included in the SDK). This helps the Windows 8 App development coders skip the process of re-learning every time they make an app user-friendly.

If you are developing a Windows 8 app for the first time, take the time to learn and familiarize yourself with various coding options. There is Windows 8 App development tutorials you can attend to get a better idea on what exactly you want from the application. Alternatively, if you wish to simplify the app creation you might wish to invest in Windows Phone development outsourcing and rely on the services of the experts to transform you app concept into a fully working app.

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