Understanding Windows Phone App Development

After almost being ditched by users and tech blogs, Windows Phone has been raising quite a few eyebrows in the tech community these days. Straight up, there is a huge advantage that is evident when it comes to Windows Phone application development which we shall explore below.

The strength of iOS is that it provides a stable configuration to its Apps Developers Australia (SDI), just one new addition to its line-up per year. This makes developing apps for the phones equivalent to developing games for consoles that last for years. The weakness of iOS is generally the high costs associated with Apple products and their accessories.

The Strength and weakness in Android is the exact opposite. Too many devices running a variety of configurations; the myriad combinations of resolutions and chipsets leave developers rather frustrated; but at the same time, the prices for Android devices can be dirt cheap, mainly due to it being open source; leading to its gigantic market share.

Here is where Windows Phone shines. Microsoft and its partners have created a gem of a combination; with manufacturers providing standard specs at varying price options. A low end Lumia 520 and high end Lumia 920 will have little difference in their performance prowess, differing instead on build quality, camera optics, display types, and other major cosmetic and circuitry dexterity. It’s the best of both worlds, offering a beautiful, beautiful UI, affordable price options and stable configurations.

Windows Phone market share is growing, and with expert App Developers Australia (SDI) doing cutting-edge work, mobile application development is definitely on the rise. Numbers don’t lie and they are undoubtedly something to look into. iPhone’s global market share 14.1% is, according to analysts, soon to be overtaken by Windows Phone’s 12.7%. It holds nearly 5% share in its home country, the US and now stands at 9% in the UK; placing it in the 3rd position in terms of market shares, surpassing BlackBerry. Statistics deem it necessary to label the upto now ‘passing’ OS as a real contender in the market.

Windows mobile application development still seems to be incrementing at a snail’s pace, and is one of the main reasons for the platform to not be mass adopted. This is where proficient developers like App Developers Australia come into the picture. Windows phone development can only see a surge if experts take it up. Unlike Android, whose applications can be developed on Linux, Windows or even OSX; Windows Phone apps can exclusively be developed on Windows 8 Ultimate running PCs.

Windows Mobile OS is soon catching up with the iOS an Android and there is no reason why your brand should not have a dedicated Windows Mobile OS app. Apps Developers Australia (SDI) is one of the pioneers of Windows Mobile apps development, which is aided by its expertise in developing apps for Windows 8 platform.

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