Win a Free iPhone Demo Video and Increase Your App’s Audience

No matter the industry and no matter the product, promotion is essential to increase a company’s potential customer base and raise profits. Video services, for example, can be used by companies who would like to demonstrate their products through a medium more effective than still images. Videos reveal more information about the product such as its uses and applications than images often can. A customer is more apt to purchase a product after seeing how it works in a video rather than going on photographs alone. Video services have recently found unique niche in the app world as developers and companies strive to promote their app in a market saturated of 500,000. Creating an iPhone demo video for an app can increase sales and ultimately market the app to a larger audience.

There are many different companies that can create an iPhone demo video for an app, but only a few have the expertise to create a video that will successfully showcase the product while remaining affordable. A company that offers these different services should also be committed to helping an app succeed beyond the creation of a video. Downshift Interactive is one such company that not only produces the video, but also offers customer support and different options that fit the needs of every app. This company is also offering a free iPhone demo video when you sign up here:

Every month, Downshift Interactive gives away a free video package to new customers. In addition to a free video that promotes the winner’s app, Downshift Interactive will create a YouTube channel for the company to use in the future. This channel will include the app video and additional links in the description. Support is provided in the future from Downshift Interactive.

There are several different templates offered for the iPhone, the iPad and Android devices. Clients may choose from four different templates, include descriptions and titles with each screenshot, and company logos and URLs. These videos are designed to showcase the app so that it becomes more visible in the flooded market. A company will benefit from a video for an app as it is an effective means of marketing that will convince customers to purchase or download the app.

Read more about available packages at Don’t forget to enter every month to have the chance to win a free video package.

Braden Johnston is an iPhone app enthisiast who has written many reviews and articles about different types of video services available on the market. He has also written articles about different types of iPhone apps marketing strategies. Here in this article he has briefly described about how to promote apps through iPhone demo video.